Area Europa is a co-operative consulting firm, established in Bologna in 1999, with the aim of promoting cooperation, social and economic development in Europe. Its services are focused on design, coordination and financial management of EU-financed projects, as well as business strategy and development consultancy, event organisation and training. Thanks to the interdisciplinary team, the numerous experienced collaborators and a wide network of partners, the company offers numerous targeted services.

ARCES is a non-profit association founded in 1976 and located in the city of Palermo (Sicily). Since 1980, our Training School has promoted and supported training, qualification and updating activities to develop young people and workers’ expertise, particularly young people with secondary and higher education qualifications, as well as teachers and administrative personnel of secondary schools or VET Organisations, trainers and workers operating in different fields. Our School has evolved its position over the years, in an effort to offer integrated solutions for the above mentioned beneficiaries in several fields, such as ICT, Agro-business, Social Economy, Tourism, Environment, Public administration, Personal development, Personal coaching and Basic Managerial skills for teachers, etc.

EFA La Malvesía” is a semi-private school which has taught Agricultural Vocational Training and Secondary Education since 1970. The institution has a great importance around rural areas because there are more than 600 students who come from different rural towns in the Valencian Community. About the educational degrees, La Malvesía have secondary education (from 12 till 16 years old), Basic Vocational Training of Farming, three different branches of Regular Vocational Trainings (Forestry, Gardening and Animal production) and Higher Education of Forestry Management and Landscaping. Around 35 teachers make up the teaching group and five volunteers and professionals also help the students in the trainings.

Escola Profissional de Alte is a school located in a rural area of The Algarve, belonging to the municipality of Loulé. The main function of Alte’s vocational school is to educate and train young people about themselves, the culture and, potentialities of their territory and the world around them, in a participatory, innovative and flexible way, able to manage a personal and professional journey over life.

The University of Algarve (UAlg) is a Portuguese public higher education institution founded in 1979, located in the southernmost region of Portugal, The Algarve. The University of Algarve is a centre for the creation, transmission and diffusion of culture and humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological knowledge, contributing to the cultural and scientific promotion of society, with a view to improving its capacity to anticipate and respond to social, scientific and technological changes, for the development of communities, particularly in the Algarve region, for social cohesion, promoting and consolidating the values of freedom and citizenship.

LowCarbon Economy Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in 2014 and located in La Vall d’Uixó, in the Valencian Community (Spain). The primary aim of the Foundation is to promote trainings, dissemination, demonstration, mentoring, financing, consultancy and comprehensive management in environment and sustainability areas based on a low carbon economy model.